The Steampunk Builder's Kit is available at Second Life Marketplace and inworld at Steamjunk's Steeltopia Location.

You can see the full product pictures above.
You can find out more about the product HERE on the Second Life Marketplace.

I'll be going to Iraq (again) sometime near the end of this month for a year. I'm a broadcast journalist in the Army, which means I shoot video more often than I shoot people, although I'm trained for that too. I'll be in Iraq  until next August, ouch!

We'll have access to the internet but, it will be nanny-net. We may have commercial internet access as well but, it'll probably cost a good bit of dinero. So, I probably won't be on SL as often. But if and when I can, I'll login.

If anyone needs help with anything or just wants to say hi, feel free to drop me a line using the contact page on this website. I'll still have regular email access.

2 New Releases!
Available on XSL and In-world!
Click the links for more info:
The Steampunk Builder's Kit - A full perm steampunk sim in a box, airships, blimps, propellers, robots, and more!
JunkWorld Steampunk Texture Pack - A pack of 63 seamless textures to use in your builds.


Welcome to my new website, blog, and online store! I'm still working on putting this together so if you check back tomorrow I'll have a fully functional site and online shop! Maybe, I'll talk about stuff too! I've been told the reason I'm not famous is that I don't have a blog where I constantly rant about random stuff, talk about how awful someone else's stuff is and how awesome mine is by comparison. Well, here goes nothing! ^_^