about JunkWorld

JunkWorld is brought to you from the twisted life of Tormented Twilight, an avatar living in the virtual world of Second Life.
JunkWorld combines Tormy's passions, sci-fi, steampunk, victorian, and robots with his quirky sense of style and humor.
You can find plenty of junk in Second Life but only here can you find true Junk.
Tormy started his early career in Second Life doing custom work and later selling original creations under the brand name 'Torment'. His first original lines of products included AvaTors, Club Tor, Tor, and TorBox. One day he caught the steampunk fever and branched out into making some steampunk themed products and they really caught 'steam'. From there, SteamJunk and JunkWorld were born.
If you need anything, advice, help, product support or just want to chat and can catch me in-world feel free to pm me or drop me a notecard! You can also use Contact from the menu.

Tormy ^_^